Projects in Kenya

The area around the villages of Kositei and Bulbula is one of the most affected by drought in Kenya. The onset of rain, brings more damage than good, since torrential waters from the surrounding mountains, crash down and flood anything in their path.

The drought is so severe that even the hardiest of animals such as camels die, let alone sick and weak children. The river crossing these villages carries just a name but no water. Thanks to our benefactors, we installed two bore holes in the area of the Patok tribe. Other small villages in the vicinity also benefit from these bore holes.

The lack of proper roads leading to these remote villages, made the project even more strenuous and expensive. Reconstruction of such roads doubled the expenses. Despite all this, we succeeded, and nowadays children flock to the bore holes with tanks and all sorts of containers to take water back home,

whereas before, they had to dig deep holes in the dry river-bed in search of muddy water. Thanks to all this, a feeding program managed by the Movement has been introduced, from which around a hundred children will benefit.

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