Projects in Brazil

In Brasil, the Missionary Movement “Jesus in thy Neighbour” has 33 homes in the following states: Parana, Minas Gerais, Tocantinopolis, Maranhão, Piuaí, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Manaus. In these homes, the children are receiving a holistic education, where children under ten years of age spend most of the day at school, and are also given food on a daily basis. Whilst the children are receiving the much needed education, their parents will be having the opportunity to go to work.

The 12 years that Dun Gorg spent working in the slums and impoverished areas of Brazil spurred him on to launching the Missionary Movement – “Jesus in thy neighbour”. With this in mind, this NGO’s initial philanthropic efforts were based in Brazil. To date, the movement has over 18,000 children under its case in Brazil alone, spread over various states within the country.

General Duties

• Sheltering of street and orphan children in urban and rural areas.
• Construction of kindergartens. These are especially important when a mother is unmarried, enabling her to go to work.
• The provision of food programs in various locations where poverty is high.
• The setting up of health centres for child victims of HIV/AIDS.
• The construction of health centres catering specifically for severely undernourished children coming from homes where poverty and misery swamp the good intent of their parents and/or carers.
• To provide children within our care with the necessary educational and social muscle to improve on their present living standards and to enable them to participate in the sustained development of their homes.

General Objectives

• To minimise the chance of these children straying into the world of crime.
• To profess and show utmost respect to all and to instil a sense of discipline and dignity.
• To educate these children within the context of a multi-faceted approach, including the scholarship programme
• To love these children, defend their rights and maintain their dignity, so assisting society to respect them.
• To show tenderness to each child, embracing the fact that each represents Jesus Christ made flesh.
• To provide psycho-social services to traumatised persons, HIV/AIDS-infected and physically-challenged children.
• To empower qualified and motivated individuals to become self-reliant by providing initial capital for self-employment

In Brazil, the Movement is involved in a wide spectrum of projects, including creches, nutrition programs, day-by-day studies, and formation centres for adolescents, amongst others.

See below for projects which were carried out by the movement in these last years.

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