Every child is Special

Very often, those people who do not have material wealth are seen as being inferior human beings. We tend to forget that in front of God's eyes, we are all the same, every single person, no matter who, is his child! He loves us all endlessly. We are all equal in the eyes of God, Mother Theresa always used to say to her sisters that whenever they are helping anybody, they should see Jesus in that person. She emphasized that they should put aside any type of prejudice, personal impressions, or any other form of discrimination.

For her, sick persons are there to be cured, weak persons are there to be strengthened, sad persons are there to be loved and cared for, and persons without clothes to wear are there to be clothed. Every individual counts, no matter if he is strong or weak, no matter what is the colour of his skin. We should never let evil distract our attention from those who need our help. There are endless ways how we can assist those who require us. Every person on the face of the Earth deserves to be loved and cared for. Many poor people cannot pay you back materially, but your charitable deeds will surely pay you back when you really need it.

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Si puo inviare la sua offerta utilizzando i bollettini bianchi di conto corrente disponibili presso gli uffuci postali con la seguente intestazione: c/c no. 66627449 intestato a Faggi Alda Miranda e Rimbotti Anna con la causale: "Offerta per Don Giorgio Grima: Progetto Kenya"

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Poor people look to us with hope to be loved


The poor is rich with his smile


In each face, you see the face of Jesus


The poor person is not a burden, but my brother and sister